Kevin L. Richards, Jefferson County family farmer

We have partnered with Coalition for the Deschutes to host several tours on our farm. During these tours I have witnessed firsthand the transformative influence and progress that is possible from the outreach, education, advocacy and action the Coalition is leading.

Phil Fine, Phil Fine Farms and North Unit Irrigation District Board Member

“What I truly appreciate about the Coalition and what makes it different is the tireless effort to get people together who would normally not be allied. Because of your alignment with the river, it allows you an audience and respect from groups we normally aren’t associated with. It has been a fun adventure for me personally, because we have a lot more in common than most of us would have thought. You also go out of your way to at least get us all in the same room and have the conversations.”

Jen Kjellesvik, Adventure Fitness

“My favorite thing about the Deschutes is this: The Deschutes River is the river where I have given kids their first experience with a river! From Outrigger paddling to the whitewater park to SUP lessons to whitewater rafting! I get the pleasure of introducing children to a life long passion & hopefully creating more river stewards! Thank you to you & your team for ALL you do for our water ways & environment!“