What you need to know about the Deschutes River Habitat Conservation Plan

This event took place May 13, 2021.  Find the event recording below. Collaborating to a Plan The Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) has been a 12-year collaboration among a large group of Deschutes River Basin stakeholders – irrigators, municipalities, recreationists, federal and state agencies, and Tribes. The HCP will protect and restore habitat in 340 miles of rivers and streams. The area covered by the HCP is massive, encompassing around 10,700 square miles of watershed in Central Oregon. Boundaries are the north to the Columbia River, west to the Cascade Mountains, and east to the Ochoco Mountains. The Deschutes River basin includes six major tributaries upstream of Lake Billy Chinook in Jefferson County. Bridget Moran is the Field Supervisor for the Bend Field office of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Bridget manages a team of biologists working on a variety of conservation efforts in Central Oregon, including implementating the HCP … Read more