Coalition for the Deschutes announces Shared Vision with Central Oregon Irrigation Districts

We are like you, from many walks of life. We are long-timers, newcomers, and occasional visitors to Central Oregon. We are city dwellers and out-of-town residents. We are working parents, professionals, students, scientists, writers, anglers, children, retirees, and more. We are all VOLUNTEERS. Coalition for the Deschutes is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and protecting the Deschutes River and its watershed. We envision a future where fish and wildlife thrive, and all Oregonians can enjoy and benefit from a healthy river and watershed.

What separates us from other groups focused on the Deschutes River? We are the only group focusing solely on being an advocate for the river, we speak for the river, and we invite you to join us in.