Thank You for the Privilege to Serve

To all of our friends and partners,

It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that Coalition for the Deschutes will be closing its doors this December. Despite our best efforts and hard work by the Coalition for the Deschutes board, the challenges dealt by Covid proved to be insurmountable.

Coalition for the Deschutes has been a source of collaboration, humility, and education for many of us. Its appeal came from the foundation that no one voice dominated. And in a world so divided, we found unity in a single message: a healthy Deschutes River so that fish, families, and farms can thrive.

Coalition for the Deschutes does not own this message; we are not unique in our drive to collaborate, unite, and empower diverse communities to grow towards a shared goal through education, partnership, and good company. No, CFD just highlighted the beauty that already existed in Central Oregon; the beauty among all of you.

We grew over coffee, through kayak adventures on the river and on walks through the fields of family farms. The charm of this community is so captivating. CFD did its best to share the stories, both the hardships and victories, to connect us all far and wide.

Through tears, we write this message, feeling the loss that this decision bestows on us all and our future. But seeing the silver lining, know that the energy and heart of collaboration belongs to all of us. As Gail always reminded us, CFD does not own any of this: the messages, the heart, the talents, or the wisdom. No, we were just stewards to our community--and more importantly expanding its reach.

In that spirit, we chose not to transfer ownership of the Shared Vision for the Deschutes to another agency. Instead, the Shared Vision and the list of all its partners will continue as a stand-alone agreement visible on the CFD website. It belongs to all of us, and, in itself, is complete.

Springs to Sprouts will live on through Friends and Neighbors of the Deschutes Canyon Area (FANS) and Plotting for Pollinators will become an expansion to the growing pollinator program within Think Wild. (Please note, however, that while we will be transferring relevant details to these partner organizations, we will not be sharing our email list. Please go to their respective websites for more information about these programs.)

Lastly, we thank all of you. We thank you for engaging in our events and programs and sharing your ideas and stories. We thank you for your support and collaboration. And we thank you for being a part of our Coalition for the Deschutes.

Coalition for the Deschutes Board of Directors