Board of Directors

  • Gail Snyder

    With its sparse desert and snowy peaks, Central Oregon resonates profoundly with Gail’s Australian roots. Her deep love of place and community derive from her…Read more.

  • Kim Brannock

    Kim believes that you can change the world with a five-gallon bucket and a net.  Not convinced? Have a look. Kim spent her childhood in…Read more.

  • Kim Elton

    As a student at the University of Alaska, Kim had a ’56 Rambler that could only go forward—reverse was trashed—and a landlord who let him…Read more.

  • Lisa Seales

    Lisa grew up in the little green bubble, a.k.a. Eugene, Oregon, playing outdoors, surrounded by water; she loves to swim, paddle, surf, scuba dive, and…Read more.

  • Dick Linford

    Dick is deeply indebted to wild rivers. They gave him a wonderful life for forty-three years. He was born in Wyoming and was raised there…Read more.

  • Eddie Kula

    It took one view of the mountains and the water to propel Eddie’s journey from his childhood in big city Chicago to, eventually, a life…Read more.

  • Mike Taylor

    As a teenage fly fisherman Mike was captured by the Deschutes. Not because he fell in (which he has on many occasions) but because of…Read more.


As a non-profit, we welcome and value the contributions of volunteers. Here’s a few of the folks who regularly donate time to the cause. Interested in getting involved or donating time? We’re currently in need of volunteers with the following skill sets: Social Media/Community Outreach, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Graphic Design, Administrative help, Fundraising/Grant Writing & Legal Support

  • Jen Kjellesvik
  • Buster Tronolone
  • Jon Benson
  • Roger and Gail Sabbadini
  • Sid Snyder
  • RA Beattie
  • Amy Taylor
  • Precious Bugarin
  • Brett Davis
  • Kevin Hoar
  • Dyan Oldenburg
  • Dr. Jerry Freilich
  • LeeAnn Kriegh
  • Appaloosa on the Loose
  • Steven Yochum
  • Off the Grid Studios
  • Kyle Schenk
  • Meaghan Bull

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