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The Deschutes in the News: Bend Bulletin Reviews Film, Panel Showcase

Scott Nelson completed his first film about the Deschutes River in 2012, a pretty little nine-minute version, set to music, that showcased the waterway’s beauty.

Nelson’s next version of the film in 2014 started exploring the river’s problems. His latest version — showing Monday at the Tower Theatre — zooms in a little closer on the challenges the river faces and the efforts by stakeholders to address them.

“I just hope this film can be a catalyst for change,” Nelson said on Tuesday, adding that such change needs to include “better management of the river flows and how we perceive that river.”

Nelson, who runs a video production company in Bend and has worked as a photographer and photojournalist, produced and funded his Deschutes documentary project. The approximately 20-minute film tells the tale of the waterway’s formation and history, along with the ways people have used it and how those uses have affected it. The film includes interviews with tribal, federal and state government representatives, such as a hydrologist and biologist, as well as a farmer, an author and a university instructor.

Read full article. By Hilary Corrigan, The Bulletin

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