As a teenage fly fisherman Mike was captured by the Deschutes. Not because he fell in (which he has on many occasions) but because of its power, beauty and feisty redsides. As a dedicated fly fisherman the Deschutes has been Mike’s home river for over 40 years.

As Mike headed to college in the 70’s (University of Washington), fishing and the Deschutes got pushed to a back burner, but the desire remained and was reignited when he graduated and moved to Oregon to pursue a career in high tech at Tektronix and eventually to helping found several successful software companies. In between electronics and software there was time for occasional fishing trips to Maupin and the lower Deschutes.

A few years ago after purchasing a home on the river near Pringle Falls Mike’s focus shifted to the upper Deschutes where his eyes were opened to the very serious issues faced by the river. Now semi-retired from the world of high tech Mike is committed to restoring, improving and preserving the river’s health. He believes that educating and involving the public is a key component of achieving those goals.