Dick is deeply indebted to wild rivers. They gave him a wonderful life for forty-three years.

He was born in Wyoming and was raised there and in New Mexico. He went to California for college and almost never left. His career as a high school teacher was interrupted by a rafting trip down California’s Stanislaus River in 1970. In less than a quarter of a mile, he was hooked on whitewater. He guided for two years and then started his own company—which, at its peak, was running 19 rivers across the west and one in what was then Yugoslavia. His clients ranged from Edward Abbey to George Bush the Elder. (Sort of. It’s a long story.) He served on the board of directors of American Rivers for eight years, and is past president of The Western River Guides Association and America Outdoors, the national organization for outfitters of all kinds. He is also the author/editor/compiler of Halfway to Halfway, an anthology of river stories. He is now retired, living in Bend, and is dedicated to making the Deschutes River wild once again.