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Speaking of Fish and Frogs – presentation materials

Bridget Moran from the USFWS Bend field office gave an excellent interactive presentation tonight at our “Speaking of Fish and Frogs” event.  She discussed frog and fish species listed under the ESA (Endangered Species Act) within the Deschutes River Basin, including the closely coupled Deschutes River Basin HCP (Habitat Conservation Plan).   She kindly shared her presentation.  Bridget also shared a handout on the HCP status.  You can view both of these PDFs below.

  • These contain excellent background information, as well as evolving plans and processes; importantly, they include information to help you participate in the public process ongoing now seeking your input (note: the current HCP comment phase ends Sept 22nd).
  • Also, if interested further, click here for the Deschutes River Basin HCP website,  here for info about the ESA/NEPA process!

Bridget’s slide presentation

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Deschutes River Basin HCP scoping handout

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