The original Coalition for the Deschutes was created in response to attempts in the early 1980s to build 17 hydro projects on the Upper Deschutes within 15 miles of Bend. Had those plans come to pass, Benham Falls and Dillon Falls would be fading memories.

As a result of broad community engagement, the threat of the river becoming a hydro-generator was obviated and the focus turned to fixing the extreme high and low flow problems on the Upper Deschutes. In 1987, the Upper Deschutes River was designated a State Scenic Waterway. In 1988 it was designated a federal Wild and Scenic River…and the community believed that the flow problems would be solved. However, the problems still persist today.

The “new” Coalition for the Deschutes is picking up where our predecessor organization left off. We have work to do, and learning and exploring and imagining. Please join us on this journey.