Long and Winding River – Explore the Headwaters of the Upper Deschutes

Have you ever wondered where all the water in the Deschutes River comes from and where it goes? If so, then join Dr. Daniele McKay and Dr. Lisa Seales on an exploration of the headwaters of the Deschutes.

Explore the Upper Deschutes River and learn about its geology and hydrology, dip a toe into water rights and policy, and delve into how water is used in the basin. We’ll spend the day visiting places like Sparks, Devils, and Little Lava Lakes along with Crane Prairie and Wickiup dams. Discover how volcanoes have shaped the geology and the hydrology of our area, and how the water that comes from these sources is used by all of us in Central Oregon.

Please note that transportation won’t be provided, so folks will need to drive their own vehicles or carpool with others on the trip. We’ll be meeting and departing from the gravel parking lot by the dog park near Riverbend Park in Bend.

For more information, please contact Lisa Seales at: lisaseales@gmail.com