Have you wondered what happens to the hops once the beer you enjoy is brewed?  Find out on this year’s “Springs to Sprouts: River to Farm” field trip.

Goal: To learn about the Deschutes watershed through the lenses of different users.

We’ll begin our exploration of the Deschutes River at Dillon Falls and the Ryan Ranch wetlands. Our next stop will be in Bend to learn about canals and piping. From there we’ll visit a farm east of town where we’ll have lunch, go for a hay ride to see the farm and the hops, keep chatting, and have fun!

Date: Saturday, June 9
Time: 8:00 am to ~ 2:00 pm

Registration required

Transportation and food will be provided.

Springs to Sprouts is a collaborative effort of the Coalition for the Deschutes, the High Desert Educational Agricultural ToursHigh Desert Food and Farm Allianceirrigation districts of Central Oregon, and Central Oregon Seed, Inc.