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A Vision for the Future: Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy

As stakeholders in the future, we all have a vested interest in how rivers and groundwater are managed. Aging water infrastructure, a warming climate, and more people moving to Oregon from warmer, drier regions are already happening, and more is in our future.

Families, farmers, and fish will all be affected…

In 2012, Oregon adopted its first Integrated Water Resources Strategy (IWRS) to address water management issues today and in the future.

If IWRS sounds wonky, then think of it in terms of dealing with climate change and drought, ensuring that we have healthy ecosystems, making sure we have adequate water for cities and agriculture, and more.

Here is the powerpoint about the IWRS that was presented by Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) at our recent program.


The IWRS has been updated, and OWRD is seeking feedback on the report.​ ​The public comment period lasts through June 19.  If you have questions or comments, you can reach Alyssa at:

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