Speaking of Fish and Frogs – presentation materials

Bridget Moran from the USFWS Bend field office gave an excellent interactive presentation tonight at our “Speaking of Fish and Frogs” event.  She discussed frog and fish species listed under the ESA (Endangered Species Act) within the Deschutes River Basin, including the closely coupled Deschutes River Basin HCP (Habitat Conservation Plan).   She kindly shared her presentation.  Bridget also shared a handout on the HCP status.  You can view both of these PDFs below.

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The Deschutes River: Past, Present, Future

Learn a little about the Upper Deschutes through this recent presentation. The words in the title slide, “The Water is Sacred,” are borrowed from a recent interview with a Warm Springs Tribal elder.

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Watershed Planning

This presentation was given by Margi Hoffman with Farmers Conservation Alliance. It provides an overview of the federal Watershed Protection and Flood Plain Prevention program that Central Oregon irrigation districts are proposing to apply to for partial funding for irrigation modernization projects.

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A Vision for the Future: Oregon’s Integrated Water Resources Strategy

As stakeholders in the future, we all have a vested interest in how rivers and groundwater are managed. Aging water infrastructure, a warming climate, and more people moving to Oregon from warmer, drier regions are already happening, and more is in our future.

Families, farmers, and fish will all be affected…

In 2012, Oregon adopted its first Integrated Water Resources Strategy (IWRS) to address water management issues today and in the future.

If IWRS sounds wonky, then think of it in terms of dealing with climate change and drought, ensuring that we have healthy ecosystems, making sure we have adequate water for cities and agriculture, and more.

Here is the powerpoint about the IWRS that was presented by Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) at our recent program.

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Fire and Water: Hydrogeology of Central Oregon

Last week we had a wonderful presentation given by local geologist Dr. Daniele McKay.  For those who were not able to make it, Dr. McKay has made the slides from the presentation available for us all.

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Coalition November 16, 2016 Meeting Documentation

This is the documentation for tonight’s November 16 meeting. Download PDF.

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